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Новый фотошут

Думайте и говорите обо мне, что пожелаете. Где вы видели кошку, которую бы интересовало, что о ней говорят мыши? Ф. Г. Раневская
от прекрасного фотографа Джона Руссо для Amazon Collaboration for the Outdoorsman.

вещи можно заказать

Jeremy Renner’s new Amazon collaboration might have the cure for your Avengers: Engame withdrawal.

The 90-piece curated collection features an assortment of sporting, camping, and outdoor equipment, including everyday necessities, like Neosporin and Levi’s jeans, and fun splurges, like an archery target and a compound bow set — similar to the weapon Renner’s beloved Marvel character, Hawkeye, prefers.

“The only law in nature is Mother Nature herself so you want to be prepared,” the actor and outdoorsman, 49, tells PEOPLE of his collection (available today on “But there are also things that are just fun to have when you’re outside…things that you want.”

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For Renner, who owns a peaked mountain lodge on Lake Tahoe, “these items are all part of life out there,” he says.

His cabin also provides the perfect escape from the hectic schedule of Hollywood, where the star says there’s often a constant stream of “people coming at me.”

“There’s an openness and serenity at Lake Tahoe,” Renner explains. “You kind of circle back to what you want and what you are when you’re there. Me walking into a movie theater in any city to go see Endgame wouldn’t be that type of environment.”

The breathtaking views surrounding Renner’s home — which he often shows off on Instagram — help him clear his head and feel centered.

“It’s the most majestic, beautiful, serene vistas and you’re about 8,000 feet up in elevation,” he says. “It’s nothing but nature and trees. You’re surrounded by some of the oldest living things on the planet. I love it.”

In July, the multi-talented entertainer launched a campaign with Jeep — and revealed that he didn’t always dream of being on film sets.

“My family was my first love, and then music,” he told PEOPLE exclusively at the unveiling of the campaign, which features several tracks sung by Renner. “Acting came into my brain around 20. Music has always been my first love as far as something other than my family.”

Renner certainly isn’t giving up acting any time soon, but the Oscar nominee says he’s finally comfortable releasing his musical work.

As for rumors he’s going to be dropping a full album someday soon?

“There’s a bunch of music written. That’s all I know,” he demurs. “There’s a bunch of music written, and that’s a future thing. I’m happy to share music now, which I wasn’t before.”

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Некто Лись
Осторожней! Чушь не уроните! // Я — часть той силы, что вечно хочет зла и вечно совершает дурость
Как они умудрились снять так, что у Джерри такие бесконечные ноги???? :crazylove:

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