Думайте и говорите обо мне, что пожелаете. Где вы видели кошку, которую бы интересовало, что о ней говорят мыши? Ф. Г. Раневская

Прошу прощения, переводить тупо некогда.

Actor Jeremy Renner
On Not Being Stereotyped & Being A Simple Guy
November 4th, 2015

Actor Jeremy Renner is good at everything; but chances are, you already knew this. Here at The New Potato, we’re big fans of multifaceted tastemakers like Renner, because we constantly strive to blur the lines between industries. It’s no surprise the actor is the new face of Rémy Martin’s One Life / Live Them campaign, which celebrates having many passions and talents rather than just one.

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